• Central, intuitive operating system with a touchscreen
  • Rigid blister magazines and restricted height of fall guarantee gentle blister handling
  • Suitable for pillow packs
  • Carton feeding with rotary pick-up and pre-break function
  • GMP-compliant
  • Straightforward format changeover due to quick-change format parts – the small number of format parts allows changeovers in less than 30 minutes
Technical data Cartoner eC 250
Max. output 250 cartons/min.
Pitch 5''
Carton size (W/H/L) min. 30 x 15 x 65 mm
max. 100 x 90 x 150 mm
Max. number of blisters 10
Max. blister stack height 80 mm
Scope of application blister and pillow packs
Types of carton closure tuck-in and hot-melt